UNN Law Admission Guide and Requirement


UNN Law Admission Guide and Requirement

UNN admits students annually based on your performance and believe me being one of the best universities in Nigeria, UNN admits the best of best candidates from among the thousands that apply. Gaining admission is by pure merit and you need to do all you can if you truly wish to gain admission.

UNN Law Admission The Law Faculty of the University is the oldest in Nigeria, having been established in 1960. It has contributed immensely in legal education in Nigeria

The faculty has gotten into the legal profession notable people like Late Barrister Johnny Okonkwo (SAN) one of the most Igbo prominent members of the Nigerian Bar Association and one of the first three SANs in Anambra state and also was an attorney to people like former Vice-President of Nigeria, Alex Ekwueme, Barclays Bank, Chief Chris Uba, Dim Odumegwu Ojukwu, Shell Petroleum,President Bush amongst other big names in Nigeria and beyond.

He even has trained other successful legal icons like Chief Tagbo Ike, Justice Donatus Okorowo and the rest of them. The faculty also saw through the former vice-president,Alex Ekwueme in law practice.

UNN Law Admission Guide and Requirement

Admission Requirement

The Faculty admits students of two broad categories:
(i) U.M.E. candidates
(ii) Direct Entry candidates

Students are admitted into their programs if they are satisfied with the need to enter specialized universities to sign in with the exam entrance. Additionally, all students (including contestants) must comply with the requirements for the introduction of Lowest Disagree Statistics in English, English, and Science Sciences in Schools.

To qualify for admission, you are to have written the annual UME exam and attain a reasonable score of 200 and the screening exercise gaining about 254 to merit admission.

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